hello! i'm emmett, a 25-year-old transmasculine/genderless lesbian from new england who uses they/them pronouns. i've had nonhuman feelings my entire life, and i've been at least somewhat active in otherkin communities for the better part of seven years now. i'm neurodivergent in various ways, but i don't really consider it related to my alterhumanity.

my identity as alterhuman is both spiritual and political in nature. while i don't consider myself an activist at this point, i do believe in better rights for nonhuman animals, and i believe anthropocentrism is a toxic mindset that needs to be abolished. i don't entirely discount my humanity, but by acknowledging the commonalities i share with nonhumans -- by acknowledging my animality -- i am taking part in a small act of resistence against anthropocentrism.

on the spiritual side of things, i believe it is entirely possible, in fact even more likely than not, to have a near-infinite amount of past lives. as a result, my own alterhuman feelings are often vague, fluid, and many; my nonhuman identities seem to come and go as i need them.